Compatible Content Management Systems and Blogging Software

Popular Content Management Systems, Blogging Software, and Wiki Software that is compatible with Center4chat hosting.

Compatible Technologies:

Software / Script Compatible Can be installed via
QuickInstall Fantastico
WordPress Yes Yes Yes
Drupal 7 Yes Yes Yes
Drupal 6 Yes Yes No
Joomla 1.7 Yes Yes No
Joomla 1.5 Yes Yes Yes
LifeType Yes Yes No
b2Evolution Yes Yes Yes
Concrete5 Yes Yes No
e107 Yes Yes No
Geeklog Yes No Yes
glFusion Yes Yes No
Hotaru Yes Yes No
LiveSite Yes Yes No
Mambo Yes Yes Yes
Modx Yes Yes No
Nucleus Yes Yes Yes
ocPortal Yes Yes No
PHP-Nuke Yes Yes Yes
phpWCMS Yes Yes Yes
phpWebSite Yes No Yes
PhpWiki Yes No Yes
Pligg Yes Yes No
Saurus CMS Yes Yes No
Siteframe Yes No Yes
Textpattern Yes Yes No
TikiWiki Yes Yes Yes
typo3 Yes Yes Yes
Xoops Yes Yes Yes
Zikula Yes Yes Yes

This is not a complete list of compatable technologies. Thousands of other scripts are compatible with Center4chat hosting. This is a small sampling.

Note: While we make every attempt to keep this page up to date as possible, due to the rapidly changing technology environment, we can not guarantee that all the scripts / applications on this page will continue to be compatible.

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